When parents pull their small children far away from me when I’m in the chair or wearing the neckbrace…



Here’s a little PSA for said parents:  Nothing your adorable kid could say to me would be even remotely as offensive as you acting like I carry the plague.  So they ask me why I’m a grown up but still use a stroller.  Do you know what!?!  That’s flipping adorable!  Please don’t teach your kids to be afraid of me and my tribe.   


Anonymous asked:

Hi, I have fibro and HMS, and was wondering if anyone has any recommendations for reducing hand pain. It's hard for me to write for very long because my hands start aching.

heyatleastitsnotcancer answered:

Hello! Hand pain is a huge issue for me as well, especially being a student. I use heating pads (when resting). Also, my mom made these tight, knitted hand warmer things that keep hands warm, which helps pain, and kind of grips them more. And don’t forget to take breaks often! Just taking 5 minutes away from writing can help reduce pain. Also finger splints for EDS can help with hand/finger pain as well. They support your hypermobile joints and help them keep the natural shape a finger should have. After the fact, soaking your hands in warm water with epsom salts could help.

Anyone else have suggestions??

My hands can get pretty achy and I’ve found that simple compression gloves can really help. Walgreens sells some that are pretty reasonably priced. Here’s the link.